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Sharing resources for artistic learning more

The portal for sharing resources for artistic learning

More and more schools and professionals working in musical and artistic creation are working with materials created or adapted by our students: arrangements, scores, texts, projects, choreographies

Technology gives us the possibility to share these materials with educators around the world, giving other students and professionals a chance to use them, adapt them to their needs and share them further, feeding an unending circle in which other professionals and schools are involved.

The Freeangle.org portal is thus a community of artistic education instructors, composers, musicologists, managers and anyone sharing educational materials, ideas in music theory, experience and more for the purpose of learning, enriching our professional horizon and improving the experience of our students

creative commons
How are the copyrights of the works we share projected?

All compositions, files and documents shared on Freeangle are protected by Creative Commons licenses. These licenses allow you to choose the level of protection of your work (giving credits to the author, limiting commercial use, authorising/non authorising derivative works, etc.).

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Who can use Freeangle?

The Freeangle community is open to the world and usable by all. The portal has three types of users with varying levels of permissions within the network: Visitor, Registered User and Author. Users easily access the different levels via the REGISTER option or by completing their user data once registered.

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An open library and display area for professionals that connects educators and artists on a global level.

On characteristic feature of CC licenses is that the author can project certain aspects so that in order for the work to be used commercially, the user must contact the author to discuss the terms of the permissions. The author profile not only facilitates this contact. It features the works, arrangements and articles of the author, along with user comments, etc. It is a display and library of his or her work in the field.

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Scores under development (Cover versions-Adaptations)

Based on the principle that we professionals are constantly adapting materials to the student's needs, Freeangle lets the author share "open" files in Finale, Sibelius and Musescore format. This permits the user/author who is downloading the arrangement to adapt it to suit their students' needs and share the adapted version on Freeangle, enhancing the resources for other users.

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Search for materials intuitively

One of the unique features of Freeangle is that searching for materials (arrangements, articles, etc.) - steering away from conventional classification by groups and styles - is done according to a search/filter system that lets you find arrangements by number of vocals, difficulty or user ratings. For articles, we opted to using a system of searching based on Keywords (tags) inserted by the author as opposed to classification by pre-established categories.

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Report incidents

At different locations in the system you will find a REPORT INCIDENTS button that allows you to send notifications to help us improve certain features of the site that aren't working correctly or report abuse by a user related to identity or the credits of works.

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